You need to review your Facebook Ad elements closely.  Facebook Ads are an extremely efficient channel to drive traffic to your small business if done properly. Below are the successful Facebook campaign elements that need to be high priority for any and all Facebook campaigns.


The most effective ads in today’s Facebook world usually have some sort of special offer. If you have an introductory deal that you can offer, it will go a long way in your advertising and hook people as a customer for the long haul as long as they are treated well during that intro offer.

I realize that some businesses don’t want to weaken their services by providing rock bottom prices. That isn’t the goal. If you can’t offer discounted prices for one reason or another, a deep dive in your business can always uncover a special service that you can provide to accomplish the same goal.

Compelling Copy:

Most small businesses view their copy as an area to talk about what they provide or talk about them in entirely too much detail. You need to take a different approach and talk about how your client will benefit from you product or service.

By nature, people react to emotions, and if you can drive home examples of how their life will be easier, they can save money, or how they can save time… you will have a much better chance of people clicking through to your product or service.

Audience Targeting:

The BEST thing about Facebook Advertising is their data. With the proper digging and testing, you can pinpoint those people that turn out to be your best client.

The next big key in the targeting is having several audiences and adjusting your copy to that audience. The more that you can talk to that specific person and resonate with them, the more likely you will catch their attention and get them sending you their information.

Once the proper data has been collected to a given landing page, we can also begin to retarget. When the FB pixel is installed and used properly, it can be a crucial strategy to remind people that have visited and may have gotten side tracked, or could be persuaded with a slightly different offer.

Interesting Visuals:

You need something that stands out and catches attention as people scroll. Come up with something appealing to your targeted offer, puts people in the mindframe of the solution you will be solving and that will stop the scroll.

One ting to keep in mind… Facebook is pretty picky on the text included in any ad. They will be much more effective and shown to a larger audience if the text is below 10% of the overall image size.

Landing Page:

You have attracted the right person to click on your ad, congratulations!  However, that is only half the battle.  If the page you send them to is confusing, loads slow, is not mobile friendly, or a multitude of other issues… they will click close faster than your page can load.

Another common mis-step is sending people to your general website.  Even if your website is great, it can be a little overwhelming.  It is recommended to create a specific landing page that will be setup for your offer directly.  This makes things much more simple for a potential customer that will make their experience much easier.

We’ve been running Facebook ads and are always learning more each day, as it changes each day. We geek out when looking into each campaign and figure out what works the best for you.

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