Your website is your home digitally. In most cases, it is more important than your office location, assuming you work at an office. You want to make this as inviting and welcoming as possible by implementing these Crucial Website Elements for Any Small Business.


Businesses often fall into the trap of talking about themselves too much. We have X certification, have done X number of jobs, have X customers, etc. This doesn’t help anyone if you don’t communicate the problem that your client is looking to you to solve. Speak to your customer… describe their problem. Then tell them how you are going to fix it.

People will, by nature, be more interested if they have a problem in their life that you can fix. That is why anyone pays money for anything… to save them time, to save them money or overall make their lives easier. Break that out for them on your site and keep all of your messaging to those points.

It is great to create a customer avatar to pinpoint the problems that your typical client has so you can breakdown how exactly you will make their lives easier. The deeper you go on what your typical client is experiencing, the more in-depth you can speak to those problems and solutions. This will make it seem as though you are talking directly to your potential client and keep them much more interested in your product or service.

Social Links/Testimonials:

Does anyone do business with someone without checking out their social media presence lately? No, they don’t. Not only does your customer want to see what you have going on with your business, but it also acts as a form of social proof.

Your social media accounts will provide an insight to who you are, how you operate and if others are happy with your services. It is great to also provide actionable items in your social media feed that also drives home those solutions that you indicated on the previous point.

Speaking of social proof, if you can get solid testimonials from your current clients, this really helps. It can be the thing that pushes someone over the edge of buying or not. They want to feel like no matter what transpires, you have their back… and the best way to show that is your clients talking about that every thing.

Origin Story:

No one will do business with someone without some sort of background. The better the origin story, the more they trust the superhero. Don’t be a stranger.

Let everyone visiting your website know why you started your business, as much personal details as you feel comfortable with, along with how dedicated you are to you industry.

In today’s business world, no one wants to do business with a faceless business. The more you can tell about yourself, there the potential client will feel like they know you, and can trust you… which is the goal. TRUST.

Contact Information:

Of course, people need to know how to get ahold of you. Give them as many options as possible to get ahold of you.

My suggestion in today’s world is not only give them your email and phone number, but provide a chat now option using Facebook Messenger. Even if you aren’t readily available at all times (who would be?) at least it gives them another channel that they are comfortable with. Most people are more comfortable with a messenger service than using a telephone to call you.

Speaking of telephone… if you do no have a dedicated business line, you can easily get one setup for you through Google Voice. You can make and receive calls and texts from your cell phone, but you can easily differentiate between work and personal. This can be critical in having a good life/work balance.

Email Capture:

One of your main goals should be to grow your email list. If it isn’t, it should be. The more touch points you create, the easier it will be to talk to the people who are warm prospects/clients that are much more likely to buy from you.


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